Culture of Rappers

Rappers are heirs of a major African American cultural movement that has expanded its influence and its original artistic aesthetic to almost every corner of the planet.
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Born in the environment mainly hip hop culture Yorker as marginal, rap and rappers managed to win in a few years a prominent place in American music. Just as happened with jazz and rock, this genre did expand to the rest of the world generating the emergence of new players who enriched it with different cultural elements.

The culture of rappers emerged in the mid-twentieth century in the U.S. black community. It is a musical genre characterized by a poetic and rhythmic recitation can be acapella or accompanied by the rhythm of instruments. The theme of rap is often social content and gave rise to a lifestyle that includes philosophical and aesthetic elements.

In the late 80’s rap is becoming increasingly popular and reached notoriety in sales charts. It is from there that begins to gain acceptance in the world, so that now almost all countries have their native rappers.
Life in the rap

Rappers like urban tribe usually have a very critical view of reality, which has points of contact with the punk culture. Many artists of this genre are engaged in their letters denouncing corruption and injustice of the society in which they live. The gender groups and artists often have a well-defined circuit presentations, specialized local and rehearsal rooms.

In their dress who belong to this culture often imitate their American predecessors. Common are baseball caps, earrings and tattoos. Usually use wide, comfortable pants and sneakers. Beyond these issues, there are rappers who do not adhere strictly to these aesthetic lines since the essence of this culture in his music and in the richness of its message.

Rappers have gained increasing respect in the music scene of several countries by the artistic quality of some of his proposals, which come to have an indisputable musical and literary value. Each group or artist usually has a legion of fans who admire their ‘flow’, which is the rhythm and cadence of the words recited.

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