Rapping with Garage Band

Do you ever had everything you need to rap, except how to record your rap song? GarageBand seems very intimidating because of all functions and outputs but once you read this article, you’ll be mixing and recording in no time.


Open GarageBand.
Once you’re in GB, upload your materials. If you already have the rhythm in your iTunes, then go to the Media button in the upper right corner, then find the name of your song. Once you ubiques, drag it to the area of ​​construction and load all requirements as mix-down’s, upmixes, and the construction of low for your voice.
Once you have the song list to overwrite, play it a few times and rap lyrics. When you’re ready to rap, make the first recording to see how they hear (see the tips section to see how to record). Write the letter in detail and turn it sideways to view it.
Once you’re ready, start rapping.
Edit it. Now, after you rapping, you do not always like it. But in GarageBand, you can edit your voice and time, and everything else. So for editing, see the tabs on the sides for different EQs. There will be many TBs and TRK EQ. Tests all. You can also edit the tone and splice boxes measure for the process to fit. Then for FOS and FIs, you can click on the pyramid below V-Recorder with the symbol of the specific track. It is close to the recording buttons-de-box.

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